A tradition of community

MBPR provides networking and professional development for our region's established publishers as well as the many vendors and independent contractors that work with them. Among these companies are multi-national children's book publishers, prestigious literary presses, textbook publishers, distributors of independent presses, some of the nation's largest independent publishers of religious and mind-body-spirit books, historical society and university presses, publishers of nationally bestselling recovery and self-help books, and many others. Our members represent the vast majority of the employer-publishers within the state of Minnesota.


MBPR's goals are:
  • To establish a means by which those engaged in book publishing may assist one another through the exchange of ideas and experience
  • To promote the spirit of good fellowship and friendly cooperation among its members
  • To promote the highest standards of craftsmanship and integrity in book publishing
  • To promote further understanding between all the related professions and trades concerned with the publishing industry