Recap of September 2018 Event: New and Perennial Legal Issues in Publishing

At the September 2018 MBPR luncheon, local attorney David Koehser discussed changes in the world that may require publishers to update their contracts or business practices. He began by outlining subscription services for books (including what he calls the Netflix model); discussed authors who “behave badly” and potential remedies for publishers faced with the fallout of such behavior; and talked about permission requirements when using licensed images in publications, particularly images with copyrighted works embedded within them. Next, he discussed termination of grants of rights and action steps for publishers. He also touched on fair use and explained the concept of “transformative use” — when the use of a copyrighted work somehow transforms the original work and thus is not considered copyright infringement. David ended his presentation with a brief discussion of best practices when authors have died and then answered multiple questions about how to handle royalty payments for deceased authors’ books as well as other questions from audience members.

An audio recording from this event are available to members in Member Resources.

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